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A warm welcome to the 19th Swiss Tunnel Congress (STC) which this year is being held on 3 June exclusively online for the first time in the society’s long history. The current circumstances pose a big challenge – dear friends of the Swiss Tunnelling Society – but we have taken it up gladly for you. We therefore hope to see you participating in large numbers in the webinar!

The STC continues to be one of the most important platforms for all parties interested in tunnel construction. Where else can various representatives of the international tunnel construction industry easily catch up on expert information about the latest technical developments and discuss specific tunnel projects – all in a pleasant and relaxed environment? Unfortunately, it is not possible this year to meet friends and acquaintances from the world of tunnelling or to establish new contacts. I surely hope though that you enjoy the congress in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

During the Swiss Tunnel Congress 2019 in Lucerne, the presidents of the DACH and BEFIPS nations (Austria – ITA Austria, Belgium – ABTUS, France – AFTES, Germany – DAUB, Italy – SIG, Portugal – CPT, Spain – AETOS, Switzerland – STS) met for an initial joint discussion to coordinate a closer cooperation between the Central European countries. These discussions were then continued subsequently in a very intensive and constructive manner. As a result, the representatives of those countries decided at their second joint meeting, on 17 October 2019 in Lisbon, to form the ‘European Underground & Tunnel Forum (EUTF)’. This forum will represent the interests of the European tunnel community as a whole and help to safeguard its position and impact within the European standard and guideline committees. This alliance puts European tunnel construction on a good footing and provides huge opportunities, especially for Swiss tunnel construction, for an even stronger international position. The formation of the EUTF is an example of the importance of congresses such as the STC. They make it easy to exchange views across all national borders. These are just some of the reasons why STC is one of the leading conferences in Europe and should be considered the event of the year by all those in the tunnel construction industry.

The title of this year’s Swiss Tunnel Colloquium is ‘Innovations in the construction of tunnels’. Felix Amberg, winner of the 2019 STUVA Prize for exceptional innovations in the field of underground construction, will give you an insight into this exciting topic under the heading of ‘The Evolution of Underground Construction’. In subsequent presentations, you will be given detailed information about the use of robots in tubbing segment production, innovations in the fields of logistics and drilling and measurement technology in frozen ground, and current examples of digitalisation/BIM in operation. You will also be shown how innovations from the field of building construction can be used in tunnel construction. The colloquium will be rounded off with a look at innovation management within the healthcare sector. As in previous years, the colloquium has been organised in partnership with the STS young members (STSym). The fact that the number of attendees at the colloquium is steadily rising shows that we’re on the right track and gives us the motivation to continue encouraging our ambitious young tunnellers.

In partnership with the STC Advisory Board, we have managed to put together an interesting program for the congress day. A balanced selection of both, Swiss and international tunnel construction projects, the majority of which relied on Swiss expertise, guarantees an exciting exchange of technical experience. Switzerland currently has numerous large tunnel projects in the design phase or under construction. During the presentations on the Gotschna, Albula II, Bypass Luzern, LEB Lausanne, RBS Bern and Ligerz tunnels, we will provide you with impressive information about the current status of all these projects. You will also find out the latest about the FCC project at CERN. Other highlights will include major European projects such as the double-track commuter rail tunnel (‘zweite S-Bahn Stammstrecke’) in Munich, the Koralm Tunnel, the Milan–Genoa High Capacity Railway, the Grand Paris and the Mont-Cenis Tunnel.

As always, all the presentations held during the colloquium and the congress have been collected and documented in detail in these conference proceedings and accompanied by impressive illustrations. The various editions of the Swiss Tunnel Congress conference proceedings, which now number 19 in total, together make up an extraordinary reference work, which should take pride of place in every tunnellers construction library. I hope that you will find these conference proceedings a stimulating read.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our speakers for their commitment and willingness to record their speech digitally. I would also like to cordially thank our loyal sponsors for supporting STC in these hard and difficult times. Finally, I would like to thank the STC organisation team for their big effort to bring the first ever digital STC to life.

I hope that you find the sessions interesting and that you have thought-provoking discussions. Ultimately, I’m confident that the first ever digital STC will again be a great source of inspiration for you.

Stefan Maurhofer, President

Swiss Tunnelling Society

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