Research and innovation

Support for research and innovative projects through the STS

Today and in future underground constructions are executed under increasingly demanding conditions. With innovations in planning and execution, clients, planners and construction companies have responded to these challenges.

The STS has set itself the goals:

  • to promote the technical development of underground construction in Switzerland and
  • the integration of Swiss activities in international R&D projects.

The STS will, within its capabilities:

  • present innovations on the STS webpage, of which it becomes aware of or which come to its attention.
  • serve as a contact point for the promotion of technical development in the underground construction in Switzerland
  • appear as presenter or patron of innovative related events in Switzerland (conferences, trade fairs, etc.)
  • sponsor R & D activities
  • support and cooperate with foreign research centres, developers, planners and construction companies.

Publication of research projects and innovations

The STS publishes on their website interesting publications related to innovative research. If you have a contribution, please contact the Swiss Tunnelling Society.