Swiss Tunnelling Society

The STS commitment to its members


The STS is actively involved in all questions related to underground constructions: geology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and ventilation systems and safety engineering, both during the planning phases as well as during construction.

Primary tasks of STS


_ 1

Promotion and dissemination of knowledge and expertise in underground constructions by organising events such as seminars, visits and congresses

_ 2

Distribution and promotion of progress in underground constructions through the support of research activities

_ 3

Dissemination of technical information on the execution of underground constructions in Switzerland

_ 4

Collaboration in establishment of new standards and documenting new standards for the underground construction industry

_ 5

Exchange of information with specialists in other countries, especially in the connection with the ITA and other national and international organizations


The committee’s frequent contact with the majority of its members will ensure that the activities of the association will fulfil the specific interests and expectations of its members.


Finally, the STS endeavours to make known at national and international level the knowledge and experience of the Swiss tunnel construction industry. The STS is also committed to the improvement of the tunnelling engineering profession, not only in the publics' estimation, but also to encourage more young people to undertake civil engineering studies.


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