Swiss Tunnel Congress 2024

5th-7th june 2024 | Lucerne


The Swiss Tunnelling Society (STS) organizes annually the Swiss Tunnel Congress (STC) in Lucerne. During the last few years, the STC has developed into the main congress for tunnelling experts in Switzerland, originally evolving from the AlpTransit congresses. On average, around 800 experts from over 10 nations attended the high quality presentations and additionally enjoyed the traditional excursions to large construction sites within Switzerland which took place.

STC development

Gradually building up on its successes, the STS is developing the Swiss Tunnel Congress and broadening the spectrum of topics, lectures and excursions, from the base tunnels to other interesting tunnelling projects in Switzerland and world wide. This broadening of the lectures will be continued. For the STC 2008, the newly established Advisory Board and the Swiss Tunnel Colloquium has been introduced, in order to further increase the attractiveness of the STC.

Swiss Tunnel Colloquium

As of 2008, on the opening day, a half-day lecture will be introduced. This is organized by the STS board together with the STS young members (STSym). The colloquium examines a topic from the perspective of various stakeholders (clients, planners, contractors, industry, universities). The STS would like to give the industry the opportunity to present itself to a wide audience. The Swiss Tunnel Colloquium has a special topic every year.

Organizing Committee

  • Davide Fabbri, Dipl. Ing., President of the Swiss Tunnelling Society
  • Martina Fasani, Dipl. Ing., Swiss Tunnel Congress
  • Adrian Müller, Dipl. Ing., Swiss Tunnel Congress
  • Nicolas Pagani, Dipl. Ing., Swiss Tunnel Congress
  • Richard Kocherhans, Dipl. Ing., Swiss Tunnel Kolloquium
  • Eric Carrera, Dipl. Ing., Swiss Tunnel Kolloquium, STSym

The Organizing Committee is made up of members of the STS Committee and and a representative of the STSym Committee.

Advisory Board

  • Gérard Seingre, Dipl. Ing., STS
  • Davide Fabbri, Dipl. Ing., STS
  • Pedro Ramírez Rodrígez, Ing., AETOS
  • Robert Galler, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont., ITA Austria
  • Roland Leucker, Prof. Dr. Ing., STUVA/DAUB
  • Giuseppe Lunardi, Ing., SIG
  • Emmanuel Humbert, Ing., AFTES

The Advisory Board provides interesting projects and highly qualified speakers from abroad, helping to maintain the high quality of lectures.