STS young members

In 1973, the present Swiss Tunnelling Society (STS) was founded as «Fachgruppe für Untertagbau (FGU)». We are a few young underground engineering experts who – following the example set by other countries – have set up “STS young members (STSym)" with the support of the STS. STSym is open to young engineers under the age of 35 who are individual members of the STS. We look forward to welcoming new members!


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In addition to the objectives of the STS, STSym also pursues the following specific goals


Platform for an exchange among young engineers under 35 across the whole of Switzerland, and a point of contact at the international level.

  • Facilitating contact and network building among young engineers under 35 by holding various events.
  • Promoting an exchange between young engineers.
  • Facilitating contact at an international level through similar organizations in other countries.


Supporting young engineers

Promoting and strengthening the position of young engineers in underground engineering.

  • Encouraging the inclusion of young engineers in e.g. research groups and standards committees, or in series of lectures at conferences.
  • Strengthening the position and presence of young engineers in projects.
  • Promoting an exchange of knowledge between experienced and young engineers.
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of underground engineering for young engineers.


Acting as the link between theory and practice

Promoting a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between universities and professionals.

  • Supporting university projects / getting in contact with students and research centers
  • Promoting education and training for apprentices